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Distinct Certification Graduate Certificate Masters programs Masters with Focus in Translation
Masters programs

Monterrey Institute of International Studies
Three Master's degree programs are available through Monterrey, and they are Translation (MAT), Translation & Interpretation (MATI), and Conference Interpretation (MACI). A variety of languages are taught in this field such as Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Each of these degrees can be completed in 2 years. Multi-language training is available, but English usually has to be in the combination.

Kent State University
Kent State's MA in translation is taught in French, German, and Spanish. The curriculum involves a total of 36 semester hours and a variety of translation training including literary, legal, technical, and some localization software application. An outline for courses to be taken each semester is outlined on the website.

College of Charleston
Charleston's MA is in Bilingual Spanish/English Legal Interpreting. The curriculum consists of 15 courses taken over a two-year period. Two consecutive summers of 8 weeks must be spent at Charleston, because the program is not available during regular terms. Two of the required courses are taken away from the university, an internship and practicum, taken in the court jurisdiction of choice.

University of Arkansas
The M.F.A. Program in Translation offered at University of Arkansas focuses on literary translation. Students typically take at least three years to complete 12 hours of translation workshops, 24 hours of study in the literature of the source languages, one semester each in poetry and fiction workshops, as well as formal study of poetry and fiction techniques. Candidates must have reading knowledge of two foreign languages.

University of Massachusettes at Amherst
While the M.A. in Translation Studies at UMass Amherst can be completed in one year (including the summer), students typically complete the 33 required credits over the course of three or four semesters. Knowledge of two languages is required, though one of the languages can be English.

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
As an extension of the graduate certificate offered here, UWM gives an
MA option to students. All of the same courses are required, with the
addition of two translation theory classes and a final certification
examination. None of these 30 credits can be completed as an
undergraduate, which is the case with their graduate certificate.

Distinct Certification Graduate Certificate Masters programs Masters with Focus in Translation

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