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Large Corporations

As industries grow and begin to internationalize or globalize their products, language skills become highly necessary for corporate expansion. Specilized Language Departments within the large corporations are handling the translation or localization of their products or services. The wide range of professions listed on the first page of our site is available in the corporate world.

Current positions in these corporations are constantly changing, making it difficult to give interested professionals a comprehensive view of the possibilities. Several other organizations offer a continuously updated list of current job postings in major companies needing language experts.

Language Technology Resource Center updates their corporate job postings daily, including worldwide possibilities and a variety of levels and professions.

Linguist List includes many corporate jobs listed in reverse chronological order. Search their job page for specific key words, or check out their international career page.

LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association) frequently updates their corporate job listings and includes a description of the current postings. Don't overlook the many logos of major companies needing language specialists with direct links to their sites!

Language Companies

There are seemingly endless numbers of language companies all over the world. The majority of these lingustically oriented companies offers many services available in multiple languages. Other companies solicit language services from these companies on a contract basis. Usually, career opportunities in these firms are presented in the form of permanent or freelance positions.

TRADOS is the one of the leaders in translation memory technology in addition to the other services provided such as software localization, corporate communication and e-commerce. As the backbone of companies such as Microsoft or Volkswagen, TRADOS is a dominator of the language industry.

Systran is an internet company that provides translation technologies online as well as corporately. Website translation, software localization, human and machine translation make up the services that are available to their customers. Systran also constructs and distributes programs enabling web translation and localization for personal and business use. This language company, with its products and services, is a resource for the language professional and the corporate world alike.

SDL International is a provider of globalization and localization services as they adapt various product and websites to be compatible with local cultures all over the world. Computer aided and machine translations are available for both companies and translators. Software and internet solutions are also a part of SDL services.

BLI Translations is a division of the Boston Language Institute that translates, interprets, localizes multi-lingual websites, and does desktop publishing and voice-overs. With all of these services, BLI is truly a comprehensive language company, and they use top-quality linguists to ensure the best possible product.

Detroit Translation Bureau offers a wide range of services such as translation, conference and on-site interpreting, and audio and video voice-overs. This company emphasizes native intelligence with their services because they only hire in-country translators. Freelance and full-time job opportunities are offered with DTB in translating, editing, proofreading, interpreting, project manager and desktop publishing, among other things.

There are literally hundreds of language companies, and unfortunately we cannot describe them all. Big Service Web Translations
and BizWeb, a guide to different business on the internet, have fairly comprehensive lists of firms providing language services listed alphabetically.

Lionbridge is a multilingual internet company that contributes a variety of localization and translation services to major corporations and industries around the world. They have a three-part method that focuses on process, language, and technology in order to develop and distribute the best products. The employment opportunities here vary, but localization is key, and free-lancers with good computer skills may best suit the immediate needs of Lionbridge.

Corporate Jobs Freelance Jobs International Organizations
Media and Arts Religion Social / Community
Government Agencies Translation Teaching
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