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Media and Arts

The entertainment industry is learning to function globally, and in order to do this, translators, interpreters, voice-overs, subtitlers, proofreaders, and editors are needed. Film industry is the most salient and broad as far as opportunities are concerned. However, other areas of the media such as television, magazines, or newspapers could have similar translating, editing, or lexicographic needs.


Softitler is a global communication solutions company offering subtitling and website translations as their primary services. With a worldwide network of mother-tongue translators, Softitler can provide subtitles in 32 different languages through mediums such as Webcast, DVD, film, video, and satellite, and they seek skilled and enthusiastic language specialists for translators, editors, and proofreaders especially.

Voice & Script International Ltd. offers an incredible variety of services. Subtitling, script translation, voice-overs, dubbing, website localization, transcription, interpreting, and foreign language artwork and copywriting. VSI is always looking for skilled translators, voice-overs, and other language artists, and accepts applications on a continual basis.

Puzzle International is a full service dubbing, subtitling, translation, and web publishing company. These services cater to the entertainment, education, and corporate domains. Their language employees are all native speakers and have varying areas of expertise. You could be what they are looking for.

Softni, which stands for Software and New Ideas, prides itself in creating viewer-oriented products for television, DVD, video, film, and satellite industries. Subtitling and dubbing are the main services provided through Sofni, but they work through the entire editing and insertion process with their clients. Also, Softni designs and sells dubbing and subtitling software.


Other areas of the media have language needs also. Many magazines,
newspapers, or other publications are translated into foreign languages
and distributed in various locations worldwide. Begin by contacting
international publishing companies, multilingual magazines, and
University presses. These companies will give you an idea of their
employment needs, which will most likely involve translation, editing,
proofreading, and terminology experts.

Radio / TV

Many international broadcasting companies are searching for professionals with a strong linguistic background for their Radio/TV Marketing Departments in the target countries.

EWTN (Eternal Word Television Newtwork)

Corporate Jobs Freelance Jobs International Organizations
Media and Arts Religion Social / Community
Government Agencies Translation Teaching
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